404 - Page Not Found

404 Not Found!


What happened?

404 - Page Not Found, so either the thread has been deleted or you have been the la test victim of the Alacrity daemon.

Where is my board? Why is it 404 Not Found?

We were hacked on April 1, 201 7 and are still rebuilding boards that were broken during the hack. Please make a request on /sudo/ with your board's URL or send an email to admin@8kun.top.

Why are images missing from my board?

We lost some images during the hack. To make an image available again, you just need to post the same image anywhere on the site and it should be fixed everywhere.

If your board has threads that 404, read this:

1. Sign in as a Board Volunteer or a Board Owner. If you are just a user, there is a public mod.php account with the following credentials:

Username: Anyone
Password: 0

2. Go to the broken thread and copy and paste its URL. If the thread's URL is 8kun.top/[board]/res/1111.html, it becomes:

sys.8kun.top/mod.php?/[board name]/res/1111.html

3. S imply post in the thread. If you don't want to leave any traces of this, click on Delete post.

Also, this works if your board has already been restored, but still 404s. In that case, just post anywhere and it should be fine.